Profession zoo registrar

Zoo registrars are responsible for the maintenance of a wide variety of  records relating to animals and their care in zoological collections. This includes both historic and current records. They have the responsibiltity to collate records into an organised and recognised records keeping system. In most cases this also involves submitting regular reports to regional or internatonal species information systems and/or as part of managed breeding programmes i.e. zoo registrars are usually responsible for both internal and external management if institutional records . Zoo registrars also often coordinate animal transportation for the zoological collection.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Investigative
  • Enterprising / Conventional


  • Data quality assessment

    The process of revealing data issues using ​quality indicators, measures and metrics in order to plan data cleansing and data enrichment strategies according to data quality criteria.

  • Animal welfare legislation

    The legal boundaries, codes of professional conduct, national and EU regulatory frameworks and legal procedures of working with animals and living organisms, ensuring their welfare and health.

  • Unstructured data

    The information that is not arranged in a pre-defined manner or does not have a pre-defined data model and is difficult to understand and find patterns in without using techniques such as data mining.


  • Manage data collection systems

    Develop and manage methods and strategies used to maximise data quality and statistical efficiency in the collection of data, in order to ensure the gathered data are optimised for further processing.

  • Maintain data entry requirements

    Uphold conditions for data entry. Follow procedures and apply data program techniques.

  • Ensure cross-department cooperation

    Guarantee communication and cooperation with all the entities and teams in a given organisation, according to the company strategy.

  • Use ICT systems

    Select and use ICT systems for a variety of complex tasks in order to meet a variety of needs.

  • Keep task records

    Organise and classify records of prepared reports and correspondence related to the performed work and progress records of tasks.

  • Speak different languages

    Master foreign languages to be able to communicate in one or more foreign languages.

  • Process data

    Enter information into a data storage and data retrieval system via processes such as scanning, manual keying or electronic data transfer in order to process large amounts of data.

  • Create animal records

    Create animal records according to industry relevant information and using appropriate record keeping systems.

  • Produce reports based on animal records

    Produce clear and comprehensive reports relating to individual animal histories as well as summary reports relevant to animal care and management within and across institutions.

  • Coordinate operational activities

    Synchronise activities and responsibilities of the operational staff to ensure that the resources of an organisation are used most efficiently in pursuit of the specified objectives.

  • Use different communication channels

    Use various types of communication channels such as verbal, handwritten, digital and telephonic communication with the aim of constructing and sharing information and ideas.

Optional knowledge and skills

coordinate transportation inspect data liaise with transportation companies animal transport regulations manage data analyse transportation costs solve operational transport problems coordinate import transportation activities coordinate export transportation activities communicate in english at a competent user level

Common job titles

  • Birthday party coordinator
  • Registrar specialist
  • Education registration desk attendant
  • Services specialist 9/10/p11 ingham county (case manager/ investigator)
  • Services specialist 9/10/p11 kent co (case manager/ investigator)
  • Services specialist 9/10/p11 calhoun county (case manager/investigator)
  • Services specialist 9-p11 menominee county (case manager/ investigator)
  • Services specialist 9/10/p11 oakland co (case manager/ investigator)
  • Services specialist 9/10/p11 wayne co (case manager/ investigator)
  • Services specialist 9/10/p11 grand traverse/leelanau county (case manager/ investigator)