Profession absorbent pad machine operator

Absorbent pad machine operators tend a machine that takes in cellulose fibres and compresses them to a highly absorbent pad material for use in hygienic products such as diapers and tampons.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Types of polymers

    There are two kinds of absorbent pad polymers. In the first, the polymer is injected into the same feedstock that supplies the cellulose fibres, which disperses the polymer evenly throughout the whole product. The second method applies absorbent material to the surface of the pad after its formation.

  • Adhesives

    The categories, production and the chemical components of adhesives such as non-reactice adhesives (drying adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, contact adhesives and hot adhesives) and reactive adhesives (multi-part adhesives, one-part adhesives).


  • Manufacture nonwoven staple products

    Perform the operation, monitoring and maintenance of machines and processes to manufacture nonwoven staple products, keeping efficiency and productivity at high levels.

  • Work safely with machines

    Check and safely operate machines and equipment required for your work according to manuals and instructions.

Optional knowledge and skills

nonwoven machine technology perform machine maintenance test absorbency record production data for quality control tend packaging machines monitor gauge measure materials prepare production reports operate electric embossing press check quality of raw materials operate paper folding machine monitor paper reel keep records of work progress operate fluff pulp mixing machine consult technical resources operate compression rollers operate die-cut machines operate rotary vacuum-drum filter inspect quality of products report defective manufacturing materials