Profession Air-conditioning installer or mechanic

Air-conditioning installer or mechanic

Refrigeration mechanics service, adjust, test and repair industrial and commercial refrigerating systems and a variety of refrigeration equipment.

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Tasks air-conditioning installer or mechanic

  • Gather information about the functioning of the refrigeration system.
  • Analyze and interpret the (malfunctioning) history of the system.
  • Check the state and condition of the refrigeration system.
  • Perform preventive and corrective maintenance services, for example check and test leak detection devices, replace parts where necessary.
  • Analyze and interpret defects in refrigeration systems.
  • Repair malfunctioning refrigeration systems.
  • Control and test whether defects are adequately repaired.
  • Put refrigeration systems into operation (e.g. charge with refrigerant, adjust the thermostat and pressure control).
  • Dismantle (parts of) refrigeration systems.
  • Register relevant information, for example by completing a log book or forms.

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