Profession airport security officer

Airport security officers interact with passengers to ensure smooth transition between areas of the airport, compliant with safety regulations. They perform searches of passengers, their ID and baggage in order to ensure safety and to prevent illegal activity.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Enterprising


  • Illegal substances

    The forbidden substances which cannot be transported from one area to another, or carried by an individual, as well as their nature and how to handle them.

  • Airport safety regulations

    Know airport safety regulations and instructions.


  • Conduct frisk

    Conduct frisks, or pat downs, with individual to ensure there are no illegal or dangerous items concealed on their person, in a manner appropriate and compliant with regulations.

  • Conduct airport safety inspections

    Conduct airport inspections to achieve maximum safety; inspect airport facilities, ensure equipment is used and maintained appropriately, and ensure staff members work in the safest possible way.

  • Conduct airport security screening

    Monitor passenger flow through the screening checkpoint and facilitate the orderly and efficient processing of passengers; inspect luggage and cargo following screening procedures.

  • Identify security threats

    Identify security threats during investigations, inspections, or patrols, and perform the necessary actions to minimise or neutralise the threat.

  • Apply airport standards and regulations

    Know and apply the accepted standards and regulations for European airports. Apply knowledge to enforce airport rules, regulations, and the Airport Safety Plan.

  • Respond to enquiries

    Respond to enquiries and requests for information from other organisations and members of the public.

  • Perform body searches

    Examine visitors by performing a body search, in order to detect weapons or illegal substances.

  • Report airport security incidents

    Compose comprehensive reports on airport security incidents, such as the detaining od unruly travellers, confiscation of luggage items, or damaging of airport property.

  • Ensure compliance with airport security measures

    Ensure compliance with airport security measures prior to the boarding of planes.

  • Check official documents

    Check an individuals' official documentation, such as driver's licenses and identification, to ensure compliance with legal regulations, and to identify and assess individuals.

  • Identify airport safety hazards

    Spot threats related to security at the airport and apply procedures to counteract them in a quick, safe, and efficient way.

  • Perform security checks

    Monitor and check individuals' bags or personal items in order to make sure the individuals present no threats and that their behaviour is legally compliant.

  • Check travel documentation

    Control tickets and travel documents, allocate seats and note food preferences of people on tour.

Optional knowledge and skills

train employees ensure law application inspect cargo use different communication channels schedule shifts apply knowledge of human behaviour apply self-defence legal use-of-force manage technical security systems provide first aid check implementation security plan write situation reports conduct research interview detain offenders investigation research methods ensure public safety and security identify terrorism threats follow given instructions carry out evacuation of airport in an emergency ensure compliance with policies perform risk analysis maintain operational communications update procedure instructions handle conflicts