Profession amusement park cleaner

Amusement park cleaners work to keep the amusement park clean and take on small repairs. Amusement park cleaners usually work at night, when the park is closed, but urgent maintenance and cleaning is done during the day.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Amusement park emergency procedures

    Stay informed about shutdown and emergency evacuation procedures for amusement parks.


  • Clean amusement park facilities

    Eliminate dirt, rubbish or impurities in park facilities such as booths, sporting equipment, vehicles and rides.

  • Perform minor repairs to equipment

    Conduct routine maintenance on equipment. Recognise and identify minor defects in equipment and make repairs if appropriate.

  • Clean glass surfaces

    Use cleaning products to clean any surface covered by glass, especially windows.

  • Maintain amusement park attractions

    Maintain, control and repair rides and attractions, both mechanically and electronically.

  • Maintain amusement park equipment

    Maintain exhaustive inventories of equipment in venues and amusement parks.

Optional knowledge and skills

assist amusement park visitors cleaning products monitor amusement park safety handle chemical cleaning agents communicate with park visitors direct amusement park clients