Profession Animal carer (not in farms)

Animal carer (not in farms)

Non-farm animal caretakers feed, water, groom, exercise, monitor or otherwise care for pets, zoo animals and other non-farm animals. May keep records of animals and clean animal quarters.

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Tasks animal carer (not in farms)

  • Prepare food, and feed and water animals, e.g. according to schedules and feeding instructions.
  • Clean, organize and disinfect animal quarters such as pens, stables, cages and yards, and animal equipment such as saddles and bridles, and change animal bedding.
  • Perform animal grooming duties such as washing, brushing, clipping, trimming coats, cutting nails, cleaning ears and treating animals with insecticides.
  • Exercise, train, handle and play with animals.
  • Respond to questions from visitors or animal owners, and provide information to them about animals, such as behavior, habitat and breeding habits, or facility activities.
  • Answer telephones and schedule appointments, e.g. with animal owners.
  • Examine, observe and monitor animals to detect signs of illness, disease or injury.
  • Provide treatment to sick or injured animals, or contact veterinarians to secure treatment.
  • Collect and record animal information such as weight, size, physical condition, behavior, treatments received, medications given and food intake.
  • Transfer animals between enclosures, search for and capture stray animals.
  • Assist other professionals (e.g. veterinarians or scientists), e.g. in animal laboratory tests, with humane killing of animals and handling of dead animals.
  • Order, unload and store feed and supplies.

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