Profession Arable farmer, field crop or vegetable

Arable farmer, field crop or vegetable

Field crop or vegetable growers plan, direct, coordinate and perform farming operations to grow field crops, such as grain and vegetables.

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Tasks arable farmer, field crop or vegetable

  • Develop annual business plans and determine types and quantities of crops to be grown, according to factors such as market conditions, governmental support and soil conditions.
  • Prepare soil (e.g. plough, harrow) by hand or machine, and spread fertilisers and manure.
  • Select and sow seeds, and plant seedlings.
  • Maintain crops e.g. by cultivating soil, by transplanting, pruning or thinning plants, and by setting up and operating irrigation equipment.
  • Control weeds, pests and diseases e.g. by applying weedkillers and pesticides commensurate with hygiene and health standards.
  • Harvest crops and destroy diseased or superfluous crops.
  • Inspect, clean, grade, sort, package, store and load crops for marketing.
  • Evaluate product marketing alternatives, establish market strategies, promote and market products, and organise the sale and transportation of products.
  • Recruit, coordinate and direct farm workers.
  • Keep inventory, and purchase supplies.
  • Maintain farm buildings, fences, equipment and water supply systems.
  • Perform administration duties, including keeping financial records, and managing budgets and accounts.

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Source: Sisyphus ODB