Profession armoured car guard

Armoured car guards ensure the safe transportation of valuable items such as money between locations like stores and banks. They load and unload the vehicle, handle the documentation of the transfer, deliver the items to the correct location and respond quickly to robberies, according to the security protocol in place. They may also handle guns and drive the armoured car.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Enterprising


  • Security threats

    Types of threats to public and private security such as unauthorised entry, aggressive behaviour, molestation, robbery, theft, assault, kidnapping, murder and public demonstration.


  • Liaise with security authorities

    Respond quickly to security incidents and violations by calling the police and keep in touch with other relevant parties involved in the potential prosecution of the offender.

  • Maintain vehicle delivery documentation

    Ensure that vehicle delivery documents are made up accurately and on time.

  • Comply with the principles of self-defence

    Observe the principles according to which a person should only use so much force as is required to repel an attack. The use of deadly force is limited to situations where attackers are using deadly force themselves.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance concerning distribution activities

    Meet the rules, policies and laws that govern transportation and distribution activities.

  • Manage theft prevention

    Apply theft and robbery prevention; monitor security surveillance equipment; enforce security procedures if needed.

  • Manage major incidents

    Take immediate action to respond to major incidents that affect the safety and security of individuals in private or public places such as road accidents.

  • Practice vigilance

    Practice vigilance during patrol or other surveillance activities in order to ensure safety and security, to look out for suspicious behaviour or other alarming changes in patterns or activities, and to respond quickly to these changes.

  • Unload cargo

    Handle safe unloading of goods from transportation vehicles.

  • Monitor security measures

    Oversee and control the implementation of prevention, security, and surveillance measures in order to assess their effectiveness and to make adjustments in case of unsatisfactory results.

  • Load cargo

    Gather goods to be transported and place them in a transportation vehicle.

  • Handle delivered packages

    Administer delivered packages and ensure that they all reach their destination in time.

  • Manage cash transportation

    Manage the appropriate and safe transportation of cash.

  • Provide secured transportation

    Manage secured transportation of cash or other valuable cargo, like securities, jewellery or important individuals.

Optional knowledge and skills

handle surveillance equipment handle conflicts restrain individuals react calmly in stressful situations operate radio equipment provide first aid acquire licences for the use of weapons surveillance methods prepare transportation routes coordinate transportation use modern electronic navigational aids develop contingency plans for emergencies ensure compliance with types of weapons deal with aggressive behaviour legal requirements related to ammunition drive vehicles