Profession art handler

Art handlers are trained individuals who work directly with objects in museums and art galleries. They work in coordination with exhibition registrars, collection managers, conservator-restorers and curators, among others, to ensure that objects are safely handled and cared for. Often they are responsible for packing and unpacking art, installing and deinstalling art in exhibitions, and moving art around the museum and storage spaces.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Artistic
  • Conventional / Social
  • Artistic / Realistic


  • Supervise artefact movement

    Supervise any movement of museum artefacts and ensure their security.

  • Ensure safety of exhibition

    Ensure safety of exhibition environment and of artefacts by applying safety devices.

  • Deliver correspondence

    Distribute mail correspondence, newspapers, packages and private messages to customers.

  • Assess object condition

    Work together with the collection manager or restorer, to evaluate and document the condition of a museum object for a loan or an exhibition.

  • Handle art

    Work directly with objects in museums and art galleries, in coordination with other museum professionals, to ensure that artworks are safely handled, packed, stored and cared for.

  • Advise on art handling

    Advise and instruct other museum professionals and technicians on how to manipulate, move, store and present artifacts, according to their physical characteristics.

Optional knowledge and skills

fine arts art history conservation techniques communicate in english at a competent user level compose condition reports manage loan administration advise on loans of art work for exhibitions present exhibition art collections

Common job titles

  • Art handler
  • Art and antiques handler
  • Art handler / installer / driver
  • Warehouse art handler
  • Art handler / driver
  • Art installer/driver
  • Driver / art handler
  • Art handler driver, class c/non cdl
  • Art handler / mover / driver