Profession asphalt plant operator

Asphalt plant operators extract raw materials such as sand and stones and operate mobile equipment for their transport to the plant. They tend automated machines to crush and sort out stones, and to mix the sand and stones with asphalt cement. They take samples to check the quality of the mix and arrange for its transport to the construction site.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Asphalt mixes

    The properties, advantages and disadvantages of asphalt mixes such as Marshall and Superpave mixes and the way they are best applied.

  • Composite materials

    The properties of different materials developped in a laboratory, their usage per type of products, and how to create them.

  • Types of asphalt coverings

    Different types of asphalt covering, based on their bitumen content and composition. The strengths, weaknesses, and price points of each type. Special properties such as porosity, resistance to skidding and noise characteristics.


  • Control temperature

    Measure and adjust temperature of a given space or object.

  • Prepare raw materials

    Prepare and measure the basic materials that are needed to produce goods and finished products.

  • Operate raw mineral separation equipment

    Operate a variety of machinery used to separate raw mineral for further processing based on size of particles or chemical composition. Work with screens, flotation cells, spirals, jigs, drums and cyclones.

  • Feed raw material into plant machinery

    Insert raw materials, chemicals and processing agents into plant machinery.

  • Weigh materials

    Weigh materials and products, record weight and other relevant data on tags or labels.

  • Tend asphalt mixing machine

    Tend the machines which mix asphalt solution feeding it with the already processed minerals, bitumen and additives according to the formula.

  • Operate raw mineral size reduction equipment

    Operate equipment used to reduce the size of raw minerals to prepare it for further processing. Work with gyrotary and jaw crushers, and roll, ball and autogenous mills.

  • Segregate raw materials

    Segregate into batches the raw materials to be further processed.

Optional knowledge and skills

perform product testing write batch record documentation material mechanics operate concrete mixer truck manage delivery of raw materials drive mobile heavy construction equipment operate heat treatment furnace perform machine maintenance ensure compliance with environmental legislation keep records of work progress excavation techniques work ergonomically tend packaging machines collect samples for analysis transport construction supplies clean equipment load bulk trucks monitor stock level check mixer capability record test data construction industry stack packaged items report defective manufacturing materials