Profession assistant clinical psychologist

Assistant clinical psychologists aid psychologists in their work. They work in healthcare facilities or private practices where they assist psychologists with their treatment of patients. Assistant clinical psychologists are healthcare professionals that can assess patients with psychological tests and aid with therapy, as well as performing administrative functions.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Social
  • Social / Conventional


  • Diagnosis of mental health issues

    The diagnosis of mental health issues such as disorders or illnesses, and psychological factors in other diseases within different issues and different age groups.

  • Therapy in health care

    The principles, methods, and procedures for diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of physical and mental dysfunctions.

  • Psychiatry

    Psychiatry is a medical specialty mentioned in the EU Directive 2005/36/EC.

  • Psychology

    The human behaviour and performance with individual differences in ability, personality, interests, learning, and motivation.

  • Psychological concepts

    The psychological concepts of health protection and health promotion.

  • Evaluation of psychological performance

    The characteristics of the methods used to assess psychological parameters.

  • Psychological diagnostics

    The psychological diagnostics strategies, methods and techniques concerning health-related experiences and behaviours as well as mental disorders

  • Psychological interventions

    The characteristics of the methods and procedures meant to instigate change in human behaviour.


  • Assess the patient's therapeutic needs

    Observe and assess the patient`s behaviour, attitudes and emotions in order to understand if and how their therapeutic needs can be met with a specific kind of therapy, collecting and analysing information on how the client makes, responds to, and relates to artistic stimulae. Relate this information to other aspects of the patient`s life.

  • Conduct psychological research

    Plan, supervise and undertake psychological research, writing papers to describe the research results.

  • Decide upon a psychotherapeutic approach

    Make an informed choice about which type of psychotherapeutic intervention to apply when working with patients, according to their needs.

  • Apply context specific clinical competences

    Apply professional and evidence based assessment, goal setting, delivery of intervention and evaluation of clients, taking into account the developmental and contextual history of the clients, within one`s own scope of practice.

  • Comply with quality standards related to healthcare practice

    Apply quality standards related to risk management, safety procedures, patients feedback, screening and medical devices in daily practice, as they are recognized by the national professional associations and authorities.

  • Conduct psychological assessement

    Assess patient`s behaviour and needs via observation and tailored interviews, administering and interpreting psychometric and idiosyncratic assessments.

  • Assess healthcare users' risk for harm

    Evaluate the healthcare user's potential for harm to him- or herself or others, intervening effectively to minimise risk and implement prevention methods.

  • Adhere to organisational guidelines

    Adhere to organisational or department specific standards and guidelines. Understand the motives of the organisation and the common agreements and act accordingly.

  • Work with patterns of psychological behaviour

    Work with the patterns of a patient or client's psychological behaviour, which may be outside of their conscious awareness, such as non-verbal and pre-verbal patterns, clinical processes of defence mechanisms, resistances, transference and counter-transference.

  • Apply health sciences

    Apply a broad range of bio-medical, psycho-social, organisational, educational, and societal aspects of health, disease, and healthcare to improve healthcare services and to improve quality of life.

  • Comply with legislation related to health care

    Comply with the regional and national legislation that is relevant to one`s work and apply it in practice.

  • Apply psychological intervention strategies

    Use various intervention strategies to treat patients in clinical psychology.

  • Identify mental health issues

    Recognise and critically evaluate any possible mental health/illness issues.

  • Accept own accountability

    Accept accountability for one`s own professional activities and recognise the limits of one`s own scope of practice and competencies.

  • Assist psychologist

    Assist psychologists in their work. Provide assistance in their treatment of patients such as conducting tests, analysing the correct treatment and providing therapy. Assist in maintaining administrative records of patients.

Optional knowledge and skills

evaluate psychological health measures provide health psychological concepts formulate a case conceptualisation model for therapy provide health psychological diagnosis provide health psychological advice provide health psychological analysis human psychological development clinical psychological treatment interpret psychological tests empathise with the healthcare user clinical reports provide clinical psychological expert opinions provide clinical psychological counselling cognitive psychology evaluate clinical psychological measures carry out neuropsychological testing provide clinical psychological support in crisis situations apply clinical psychological treatment health psychology analyse psychological aspects of illness provide health psychological treatment advice counsel clients provide clinical psychological assessment paediatric psychology first aid consultation provide first aid developmental psychology

Common job titles

  • Research assistant
  • Soc/clin research assistant
  • Psychology assistant 3
  • Administrative and clinical billing assistant
  • Psychological assistant - adult eating disorder team
  • Psychological assistant adult psychiatry
  • Marriage family therapist assistant child psychiatry
  • Psychological assistant child psychiatry
  • Psychological assistant