Profession attraction operator

Attraction operators control rides and monitor the attraction. They provide first aid assistance and materials as needed, and immediately report to the area supervisor. They conduct opening and closing procedures in assigned areas.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Social / Enterprising


  • Amusement park emergency procedures

    Stay informed about shutdown and emergency evacuation procedures for amusement parks.


  • Communicate with park visitors

    Communicate with amusement park visitors whilst their ride is inoperative.

  • Ensure health and safety of staff

    Promote and maintain a culture of health, safety and security among the staff by maintaining policies and procedures for the protection of vulnerable participants and when necessary, dealing with suspicions of possible abuse.

  • Clean ride units

    Eliminate dirt, rubbish or impurities in ride units in an amusement park.

  • Operate ride panel

    Run the ride operating the mechanic control panel.

  • Check ride safety restraints

    Control the ride safety restraints to see if everything works in a normal, safe manner.

  • Ensure health and safety of visitors

    Take the necessary precautions to ensure the physical safety of an audience or people visiting an activity. Prepare actions in case of emergency. Administer first aid and direct emergency evacuations.

  • Monitor amusement park safety

    Follow up activities to ensure permanent safety and decent behaviour of park visitors; remove unruly visitors if needed.

  • Check ride communications

    Check and make sure that all the communication functions of your assigned ride operate properly.

Optional knowledge and skills

announce amusement park attractions direct amusement park clients maintain amusement park attractions assist amusement park visitors maintain amusement park equipment clean amusement park facilities