Profession automated cable vehicle controller

Automated cable vehicle controllers operate systems and control boards keeping under the control the operations of a varied array of modes of transport operated by cable. They can operate aerial cabins, telphers, funiculars, etc. They ensure continuous operations and intervene in the operations when unforeseen situations occur.

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Personality Type


  • Cable-propelled transit

    Understand cable-propelled transit (CPT) and its underlying principles. Know that these are systems of engine-less vehicles propelled by a steel cable.

  • On board hazards

    Prevent on board (electrical) hazards and effectively deal with them should they occur; ensure safe embarkation and disembarkation of the vessel.

  • Health and safety measures in transportation

    The body of rules, procedures and regulations related to health and safety measures intended to prevent accidents or incidents in transportation.


  • Inspect crane equipment

    Inspect the suitability of cables, pulleys, and grappling devices that form parts of cranes. Ensure the ongoing maintenance of this equipment.

  • Follow signalling instructions

    Follow signalling instructions throughout the journey. Comprehend the technical language used by signallers and adhere to instructions given by them.

  • Stay alert

    Stay focused and alert at all times; react quickly in the case of unexpected events. Concentrate and do not get distracted performing a task over a long period of time.

  • Adhere to transportation work schedule

    Adhere to assigned work schedule as prepared by the transportation company.

  • Communicate verbal instructions

    Communicate transparent instructions. Ensure that messages are understood and followed correctly.

Optional knowledge and skills

restrict passenger access to specific areas on board ensure passenger comfort analyse reports provided by passengers operate top supported cable-propelled vehicles operate railway control panels operate bottom supported cable-propelled vehicles passenger transport regulations

Source: Sisyphus ODB