Profession automotive brake technician

Automotive brake technicians inspect, maintain, diagnose and repair braking, steering and suspension systems as well as wheels and tyres.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Enterprising
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Mechanics of motor vehicles

    The way energy forces interact and affect components in motor vehicles such as cars, buses, invalid carriages and other motorised vehicles. 

  • Mechanics

    Theoretical and practical applications of the science studying the action of displacements and forces on physical bodies to the development of machinery and mechanical devices.

  • Automotive diagnostic equipment

    The equipment used to examine automotive systems and components.


  • Use technical documentation

    Understand and use technical documentation in the overall technical process.

  • Use automotive diagnostic equipment

    Use diagnostic equipment to perform test on motor vehicles, components and systems to detect defects.

  • Read standard blueprints

    Read and comprehend standard blueprints, machine, and process drawings.

  • Troubleshoot

    Identify operating problems, decide what to do about it and report accordingly.

  • Wear appropriate protective gear

    Wear relevant and necessary protective gear, such as protective goggles or other eye protection, hard hats, safety gloves.

  • Apply health and safety standards

    Adhere to standards of hygiene and safety established by respective authorities.

Optional knowledge and skills

maintain braking system identify customer's needs maintain motor vehicle steering system advise customers on motor vehicles maintain suspension system inspect repaired tyres keep records of work progress inspect worn tyres rebuff tyre prepare tyres for vulcanization vehicle electrical systems replace tyres

Common job titles

  • Mechanic ii/iii automotive, fleet management
  • Maintenance tech / automotive plant
  • Automotive technician ii
  • Auto technician ii
  • Automotive technician - $3,000 signing bonus!
  • Automotive technician
  • Auto technician
  • Automotive technician/mechanic **no certification required!
  • Automotive tech needed
  • Automotive technician