Profession Beauty therapist

    Beauty therapist

Beauticians carry out various beauty treatments and give advice to clients, e.g. on skin and body care.

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Personality Type

Tasks beauty therapist

  • Discuss clients' requirements and carry out skin analysis.
  • Prepare treatment plans for clients.
  • Perform facial treatments, e.g. apply creams, lotions and masks, perform facial massage, tint eyelashes and eyebrows, apply make-up, etc.
  • Perform body treatments, e.g. perform body massage, UV or spray tanning, hydrotherapy, body hair removal, etc.
  • Perform cosmetic hand, nail and foot treatments (e.g. manicures, pedicures, nail extensions).
  • Perform specialist treatments, e.g. acne treatment, electro-therapy, skin rejuvenation therapies, camouflage treatments, electrolysis, etc.
  • Advise clients, e.g. on skin care, make-up, nutrition, exercise programmes, etc.
  • Recognize problems and refer clients to medical practitioners.
  • Sell and give advice on cosmetic products and services.
  • Maintain client records.
  • Perform reception duties, e.g. schedule appointments, answer the telephone, order supplies and operate cash register to receive payments.
  • Keep the salon, work station and tools clean and tidy.

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