Profession bicycle assembler

Bicycle assemblers build, tune and ensure good working order of all types of bicycles such as mountain bikes, road bikes, children’s bikes etc. They also assemble accessory products like tag-alongs and trailers.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Mechanics

    Theoretical and practical applications of the science studying the action of displacements and forces on physical bodies to the development of machinery and mechanical devices.

  • Bicycle mechanics

    Technicalities over mechanics in bicycles and related topics in order to perform a wide range of repais in bicycles.

  • Quality standards

    The national and international requirements, specifications and guidelines to ensure that products, services and processes are of good quality and fit for purpose.


  • Use technical documentation

    Understand and use technical documentation in the overall technical process.

  • Install transport equipment lighting

    Install lighting elements in transport equipment according to blueprints and other technical plans.

  • Fasten components

    Fasten components together according to blueprints and technical plans in order to create subassemblies or finished products.

  • Read standard blueprints

    Read and comprehend standard blueprints, machine, and process drawings.

  • Align components

    Align and lay out components in order to put them together correctly according to blueprints and technical plans.

  • Apply health and safety standards

    Adhere to standards of hygiene and safety established by respective authorities.

  • Wear appropriate protective gear

    Wear relevant and necessary protective gear, such as protective goggles or other eye protection, hard hats, safety gloves.

  • Troubleshoot

    Identify operating problems, decide what to do about it and report accordingly.

  • Use power tools

    Operate power driven pumps. Use hand tools or power tools. Use vehicle repair tools or safety equipment.

Optional knowledge and skills

inspect quality of products maintain braking system order supplies carry out repair of vehicles identify parts requested by customers tune bicycles operate soldering equipment mix paints for vehicles inspect worn tyres use painting equipment identify customer's needs inspect repaired tyres electricity write records for repairs use welding equipment recognise signs of corrosion operate drill press replace tyres remove paint

Common job titles

  • Assembler
  • Assembly technician
  • Toys r us assembler
  • Bike builder
  • Bicycle assemblers (bloomington mn)
  • Inventory clerk
  • Toys r us and babies r us assembler
  • Mobile assembly technician
  • Electric scooter technician & scooter assembly
  • Full-time bicycle mechanic/assembler