Profession block machine operator

Block machine operators control, maintain and operate concrete blocks casting machine which fills and vibrate molds to compact wet concrete into finished blocks.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Operate forklift

    Operate a forklift, a vehicle with a pronged device in front for lifting and carrying heavy loads.

  • Operate concrete mixer truck

    Work with concrete mixer trucks. Drive the truck and operate controls. Keep track of time. Take the necessary steps to evacuate the concrete upon arrival at the site, either alone using a full range chute, or with help when using a rear chute.

  • Inspect industrial equipment

    Inspect equipment used during industrial activities such as manufacturing or construction equipment in order to ensure that the equipment complies with health, safety, and environmental legislation.

  • Maintain moulds

    Clean and repair moulds, e.g. by smoothening out imperfections on the surface.

  • Operate concrete casting machine

    Operate the machine that casts concrete blocks, making sure the finished blocks are according to specifications.

  • Select mould types

    Select the appropriate type and size of mould based on the operation.

  • Use moulding techniques

    Apply moulding techniques.

  • Operate cubing machine

    Operate the cubing machine making sure the correct patterns for sorting and stacking are followed.

  • Write batch record documentation

    Write reports on the manufactured batches history taking into account the raw data, tests performed and compliance to GMP of each batch of product.

Optional knowledge and skills

set up machine controls inspect quality of products stack packaged items stack empty pallets maintain work area cleanliness inspect supplied concrete perform machine maintenance mathematics use a computer measure materials tend hoist cement transfer equipment clean mixer