Profession brick and tile caster

Brick and tile casters operate and maintain mixing machines used in brick and tile products development.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Control air flow

    Control the flow of air through the compression units by turning on the valves in the correct secquence.

  • Select mould types

    Select the appropriate type and size of mould based on the operation.

  • Ensure mould uniformity

    Oversee uniformity of moulds; use casting equipment and tools such as hand press.

  • Use measurement instruments

    Use different measurement instruments depending on the property to be measured. Utilise various instruments to measure length, area, volume, speed, energy, force, and others.

  • Mix moulding and casting material

    Measure and mix ingredients for casting and moulding materials, according to appropriate formula.

  • Fill moulds

    Fill up moulds with appropriate materials and ingredient mixes.

  • Maintain moulds

    Clean and repair moulds, e.g. by smoothening out imperfections on the surface.

  • Clean driers

    Clean the refill driers using alumina.

  • Feed the clay mixing machine

    Feed the clay mixing machine with the specified ingredients in order to obtain brick and tile products.

  • Set up extrusion head

    Set up the extrusion head using handtools by installing the required core, rings, die and former.

  • Measure materials

    Measure the raw materials prior to their loading in the mixer or in machines, ensuring they conform with the specifications.

  • Inspect extruded products

    Inspect the finished extruded products in order to determine any flaws or deviations from the specified parameters such as hardness or consistency, adjusting it if necessary by adding water and oil in the pug mil.

  • Maintain finishing units

    Maintain the automatic finishing units by replacing finishers, knives and reamers.

  • Cut clay

    Cut clay column by operating the already set up automatic cutoff knives aiming to obtain brick and tile products.

Optional knowledge and skills

clean mixer operate brick oven write batch record documentation apply techniques for stacking goods into containers hydraulic press parts mill operations stack packaged items milling machines maintain chain hoists stack empty pallets optimise production processes parameters select material to process types of pottery material