Profession capsule filling machine operator

Capsule filling machine operators control the filling of gelatine capsules with the specific medicinal preparations.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Quality assurance methodologies

    Quality assurance principles, standard requirements, and the set of processes and activities used for measuring, controlling and ensuring the quality of products and processes.

  • Health and safety regulations

    Necessary health, safety, hygiene and environmental standards and legislation rules in the sector of particular activity.


  • Plan maintenance activities

    Plan and organise the process aimed at preserving equipment or systems in good working condition by inspecting the installation, resolving malfunctions, replacing worn parts and performing other maintenance tasks.

  • Scoop capsules

    Scoop the empty capsules into the loading hopper.

  • Control minor maintenance

    Follow up on the maintenance and repairs to be carried out. Solve minor problems and pass harder problems on to the person responsible for maintenance.

  • Assemble machines

    Assemble machines according to instructions and specifications.

  • Implement instructions

    Being able to implement written or oral instructions.

  • Maintain work area cleanliness

    Keep the working area and equipment clean and orderly.

  • Make time-critical decisions

    Pursue optimal time-critical decision making within the organisation.

  • Understand instructions

    Be able to understand oral and written instructions.

  • Eject filled capsules

    Depress the pedal to eject the already closed capsules into the receiving container.

  • Manage capsule rings

    Manage the filling of capsule rings with empty capsules, uncoupling the rings when the lower half of capsules is filled with powdered medicine, recoupling the rings and inserting them into closing and ejecting forks.

  • Inspect capsules

    Inspect, according to specification sheet, the finished capsules in order to detect any weight mismatch, any breakage or defective filling.

  • Scoop medicinal preparations

    Scoop medicinal preparations into the capsulating machine's filling hopper

Optional knowledge and skills

business management principles maintain equipment use logical reasoning provide information wear protective equipment against industrial noise perform pill branding