Profession casino pit boss

Casino pit bosses support the management team and are able to manage, inspect and deal with all gaming activities. They supervise the gaming floor operation, and are accountable for influencing the spend and income per head to achieve the required margin whilst ensuring that the highest standards of efficiency, security and signature service standards are achieved in accordance with all company procedures and current legislation.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Conventional / Enterprising


  • Casino game rules

    The rules and principles that govern the different games played within a casino.

  • Casino policies

    The policies and requirements that govern the activities of a casino.


  • Manage staff

    Manage employees and subordinates, working in a team or individually, to maximise their performance and contribution. Schedule their work and activities, give instructions, motivate and direct the workers to meet the company objectives. Monitor and measure how an employee undertakes their responsibilities and how well these activities are executed. Identify areas for improvement and make suggestions to achieve this. Lead a group of people to help them achieve goals and maintain an effective working relationship among staff.

  • Ensure compliance with gaming laws

    Ensure full compliance within the requirements of the local gambling regulations and laws, Company policy and procedures, including Employment Law and any other relevant legislation or authorities.

  • Follow ethical code of conduct of gambling

    Follow the rules and ethical code used in gambling, betting and lottery. Keep the entertainment of players in mind.

  • Follow safety precautions in a gaming room

    Follow the safety rules concerning gaming rooms to ensure the safety and the pleausure of the gamers, personnel and other by-standers.

  • Carry out active selling

    Deliver thoughts and ideas in impactful and influencing manner to persuade customers to become interested in new products and promotions. Persuade clients that a product or service will satisfy their needs.

  • Sell gaming activities on the floor

    Persuade players to participate in specific gaming activities and opportunities on a casino gaming floor.

  • Supervise casino staff

    Observe, supervise and schedule the daily tasks of casino employees.

  • Remove cheating players

    Detect and remove suspected cheaters, such as players who may have systems that shift the odds of winning to their favour.

Optional knowledge and skills

company policies apply conflict management monitor casino client satisfaction show diplomacy schedule gaming tables handle game complaints inspect casino floor maintain gaming equipment apply numeracy skills attract gamers