Profession cattle pedicure

Cattle pedicures are specialists in taking care of hooves of cattle, in compliance with any regulatory requirements by the national legal authority.  

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Personality Type


  • Assess environmental influences on bovine feet

    Assess the environment and how it can influence the health of the bovine foot. Environmental factors include diet, housing, and exposure to the environment.

  • Manage animal biosecurity

    Plan and use appropriate biosafety measures to prevent transmission of diseases and ensure effective overall biosecurity. Maintain and follow biosecurity procedures and infection control when working with animals, including recognising potential health issues and taking appropriate action, communicating site hygiene control measures and biosecurity procedures, as well as reporting to others.

  • Control animal movement

    Direct, control or restrain some or part of an animal's, or a group of animals', movement.

  • Operate hooves trimming tools

    Selection and usage of appropriate tools and equipment for trimming bovine hooves.

  • Trim bovine hooves

    Carry out the trimming of bovine hooves to maintain hoof health, welfare of the animal and productivity taking into account safe working practices for self and animal.

  • Assess the care requirements of bovine feet

    Inspect the foot and hoof for signs of injury, wear, or damage. Decide how to care for the health and wellbeing of the bovine.

  • Manage animal hygiene

    Plan and use appropriate hygiene measures to prevent transmission of diseases and ensure an effective overall hygiene. Maintain and follow hygiene procedures and regulations when working with animals, communicate site hygiene controls and protocols to others. Manage the safe disposal of waste according to destination and local regulations.

  • Carry out post hoof-trimming activities

    Discuss and agree on a husbandry plan (written or verbal), which may contain information on workload, environmental conditions, devices and non-prescription topical applications being used.

Optional knowledge and skills

use different communication channels work independently in agriculture

Source: Sisyphus ODB