Profession cemetery attendant

Cemetery attendants maintain the cemetery ground in good condition. They ensure the graves are ready for burial prior to funerals and ensure accurate burial records. Cemetery attendants offer advice to funeral services directors and the general public.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Social / Realistic
  • Enterprising / Social


  • Cooperate with funeral directors

    Make arrangements and work together with funeral directors who provide funeral services for people buried on the cemetery under your responsibility.

  • Advise on funeral services

    Provide relatives of the deceased person with information and advice on ceremonial, burial and cremation services.

  • Promote human rights

    Promote and respect human rights and diversity in light of the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of autonomous individuals, taking into account their opinions, beliefs and values, and the international and national codes of ethics, as well as the ethical implications of healthcare provision, ensuring their right to privacy and honouring for the confidentiality of healthcare information.

  • Maintain burial records

    Maintain records on the allocation of graves and the information of the people that were buried.

  • Prepare graves

    Make sure that graves are excavated and ready for burial prior to funerals and backfilled when the coffin is in the grave.

  • Affix memorial plaques

    Attach memorial plaques to the right gravestones as requested by the deceased person's will or by their relatives.

  • Maintain inventory of tools

    Keep an inventory of tools utilised in manufacturing or in the provision of services. Ensure that tool sets remain complete and suitable for use.

  • Liaise with local authorities

    Maintain the liaison and exchange of information with regional or local authorities.

  • Administer appointments

    Accept, schedule and cancel appointments.

Optional knowledge and skills

maintain turf and grass provide visitor information prepare planting area for planting assist in the placement of gravestones oversee maintenance work maintain plant health operate excavator prune plants greet guests maintain plant soil nutrition relate empathetically plant according to guidelines work ergonomically train employees lift heavy weights cost management operate landscaping equipment