Profession chemical mixer

Chemical mixers operate and maintain mixing tanks and blenders in order to develop chemical products out of raw materials, making sure the end products are in conformance to the batch tickets specifications.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Mathematics

    Mathematics is the study of topics such as quantity, structure, space, and change. It involves the identification of patterns and formulating new conjectures based on them. Mathematicians strive to prove the truth or falsity of these conjectures. There are many fields of mathematics, some of which are widely used for practical applications.


  • Communicate test results to other departments

    Communicate testing information such as testing schedules, samples testing statistics and test results, to the relevant departments.

  • Maintain chemical mixers

    Tend the equipment and mixers used for chemical substances mixing having as the end products goods used in cleaning, bleaching, finishing carpets or other textiles.

  • Manage delivery of raw materials

    Manage reception of raw materials. Receive raw materials from the suppliers. Check for quality and accuracy and move into the warehouse. Make sure that raw materials are adequately stored until they are required by the production department.

  • Write batch record documentation

    Write reports on the manufactured batches history taking into account the raw data, tests performed and compliance to GMP of each batch of product.

  • Fill the mixing tank

    Fill the mixing tank with the chemical ingredients, allowing also the water through the valves at the indicated mark on the tank wall.

  • Check quality of raw materials

    Check the quality of basic materials used for the production of semi-finished and finished goods by assessing some of its characteristics and, if needed, select samples to be analysed.

  • Ensure health, safety and security measures

    Take responsibility for health, safety and security measures in the workplace including posture the body well, safely operate tools and machinery, and wear the right clothes and protection for the climate. Apply health and safety standards. Adhere strictly to the site safety rules and systems and equipment operational procedures.

  • Optimise production processes parameters

    Optimise and maintain the parameters of the production process such as flow, temperature or pressure.

  • Segregate raw materials

    Segregate into batches the raw materials to be further processed.

  • Measure chemical substance viscosity

    Measure the viscosity of the mixed ingredients by using a viscosimeter.

  • Transfer chemicals

    Transfer the chemical mixture from the mixing tank to the storage tank by turning on the valves.

  • Prepare chemical ingredients

    Prepare the ingredients according to formula by measuring and weighting the chemical ingredients such as caustic, solvents, emulsions, peroxide.

Optional knowledge and skills

test production input materials manufacturing plant equipment clean mixer unload equipment adjust solutions' consistency monitor centrifugal separators manage chemical testing procedures use a computer hazardous waste storage mechanics monitor environmental parameters load equipment centrifugal force operate lifting equipment

Common job titles

  • Process and waste water operator- freeport, tx
  • Piledriver helper
  • Chemical process operator-microparticles
  • R&d chemist i
  • Operator- wood river, il
  • Production specialist
  • Chemical operator
  • Plant operator
  • Chemical operator (production technician)
  • Production operator