Profession clothing finisher

Clothing finishers set haberdasheries (e.g. bottoms, zips, and ribbons) and cut threads. They weigh, pack, label materials and products.

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Personality Type


  • Clothing industry

    Major suppliers, brands and products involved in the clothing industry.

  • Clothing sizes

    Sizes of clothing items in order to make appropriate suggestions to customers.


  • Perform warehousing operations

    Perform operations carried out in warehouses such as packing, carrying, stacking goods, sorting, loading and unloading freight from vans, trucks, wagons, ships or aircrafts.

  • Decorate textile articles

    Decorate wearing apparels and made up textile articles by hand or using machines. Decorate textile articles with ornaments, braided cords, golden yarns, soutaches, jewellery, and cristals.

  • Analyse supply chain strategies

    Examine an organisation's planning details of production, their expected output units, quality, quantity, cost, time available and labour requirements. Provide suggestions in order to improve products, service quality and reduce costs.

  • Pack goods

    Pack different kinds of goods such as finished manufactured products or goods in use. Pack goods by hand in boxes, bags and other types of containers.

  • Manufacture wearing apparel products

    Manufacture either mass-product or bespoke wearing apparels of various types, assembling and joining together wearing apparel components using processes such as sewing, gluing, bonding. Assemble wearing apparel components using stitches, seams such as collars, sleeves, top fronts, top backs, pockets.

Optional knowledge and skills

fabric types embroider fabrics alter wearing apparel distinguish accessories distinguish fabrics apparel manufacturing technology

Source: Sisyphus ODB