Profession CNC operator

CNC operator

CNC operators operate computer-controlled machines or robots to perform machine functions on metal or plastic workpieces.

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Tasks cnc operator

  • Determine specifications (material, machine operation, etc.), tool and equipment requirements and procedure sequences from blueprints, instructions and machine knowledge.
  • Select tools and materials necessary for the job.
  • Set up machine controls by turning the planned machining operations into a set of instructions.
  • Test the machine operation by a trial run or using computer simulations.
  • Operate CNC-machines for manufacturing.
  • Control machines during operation, e.g. by listening and observing, in order to detect problems or irregularities.
  • Confer with supervisor or programmer to resolve machine malfunctions and production problems.
  • Adjust machines in case of malfunctioning, problems or irregularities.
  • Mount, install, align and secure tools, attachments, fixtures and workpieces on machines, e.g. using hand tools and precision measuring instruments.
  • Maintain machines and remove and replace broken or worn machine parts using hand tools.

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