Profession concrete products machine operator

Concrete products machine operators tend machines used to produce moulded concrete products. They perform greasing, assembling and stripping of moulds. They also participate in the cement mixing process.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Move filled moulds

    Correctly replace filled-up moulds; understand how to load moulds into the oven and how to store filled-up moulds onto a rack.

  • Follow safety standards in industrial contexts

    Abide by safety procedures and standards for industrial contexts, mostly where machinery is involved.

  • Select mould types

    Select the appropriate type and size of mould based on the operation.

  • Settle concrete

    Settle the concrete using the vibrating tables.

  • Adjust curing ovens

    Adjust the temperature of the curing ovens by turning dials so that it is set to the correct parameters.

  • Fill moulds

    Fill up moulds with appropriate materials and ingredient mixes.

  • Inspect batches

    Inspect batches ensuring that they have the correct colours and the correct mix.

  • Match product moulds

    Changing moulds to match product specification. Run test samples and check for proper specifications.

  • Maintain moulds

    Clean and repair moulds, e.g. by smoothening out imperfections on the surface.

  • Use moulding techniques

    Apply moulding techniques.

  • Inspect quality of products

    Use various techniques to ensure the product quality is respecting the quality standards and specifications. Oversee defects, packaging and sendbacks of products to different production departments.

Optional knowledge and skills

record production data for quality control work ergonomically write batch record documentation follow environmental protection standards operate lifting equipment ensure compliance with environmental legislation form moulding mixture monitor stock level optimise production processes parameters pack goods measure materials feed concrete mixer perform product testing build rebar cages clean mixer manage delivery of raw materials report test findings load heavy items on pallets record test data perform machine maintenance report defective manufacturing materials

Common job titles

  • Machine operator
  • Construction road crew: operators and laborers
  • 2 concrete block machine operators $19 to $26 per hour
  • Cnc machine operator i
  • Manufacturing machine operator
  • Line operator/laborer (shift work)
  • Machine operator (packaging)
  • Day shift - embroidery machine operator
  • Machine operator - tyrone, ga