Profession confectionery maker

  • Confectionery maker

Confectionery makers produce all kinds of confectionery by mixing sweeteners and other ingredients, shaping, baking and decorating.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional

Tasks confectionery maker

  • Determine confectionery types and quantities to be made, e.g. by examining production schedules.
  • Order ingredients from wholesalers.
  • Prepare ingredients (weigh, measure, mix, dissolve and boil in pans) according to recipes.
  • Check batch consistency, e.g. using a stainless steel spatula or measuring equipment such as a refractometer.
  • Shape mixture before baking.
  • Load and unload mixture into and from ovens using tins and trays.
  • Operate equipment, e.g. mixing machines, ovens and other equipment.
  • Monitor the production process (e.g. control temperature and pressure in cookers) and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Glaze or decorate with icing or cream.
  • Sort and inspect finished or partly finished products.
  • Check, clean and maintain the cleanliness of equipment and utensils to make sure health and safety regulations are met.

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