Profession construction safety inspector

Construction safety inspectors monitor construction sites and their conformity to health and safety regulations. They perform inspections, identify safety hazards and report on their findings.

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Personality Type

  • Social / Enterprising
  • Investigative / Conventional


  • Construction methods

    The various techniques and methods for erecting buildings and other constructions.

  • Human factors regarding safety

    The considerations and implications for human safety.


  • Monitor construction site

    Keep an overview of what happens at the construction site at all times. Identify who is present and what stage of the construction work each crew is in.

  • Follow health and safety procedures in construction

    Apply the relevant health and safety procedures in construction in order to prevent accidents, pollution and other risks.

  • Identify preventive actions

    Anticipate situations that could be damaging to the workplace and the processes undergone there by drawing attention to possible undesired outcomes and suggesting preventive actions.

  • Identify improvement actions

    Realise possible improvements for processes to increase productivity, improve efficiency, increase quality, and streamline procedures.

  • Advise on safety improvements

    Provide relevant recommendations following the conclusion of an investigation; ensure that recommendations are duly considered and where appropriate acted upon.

  • Write work-related reports

    Compose work-related reports that support effective relationship management and a high standard of documentation and record keeping. Write and present results and conclusions in a clear and intelligible way so they are comprehensible to a non-expert audience.

  • Test construction material samples

    Randomly select samples from a batch of construction materials and test their quality visually and using a variety of tests to gauge their relevant characteristics.

  • Inspect construction supplies

    Check construction supplies for damage, moisture, loss or other problems before using the material.

  • Realise health and safety policies

    Ensure updating of health and safety (HSE) policies for their application in organisational procedures.

  • Undertake inspections

    Undertake safety inspections in areas of concern to identify and report potential hazards or security breaches; take measures to maximise safety standards.

Optional knowledge and skills

report on possible hazards follow control of substances hazardous to health procedures assist with emergencies building materials industry handle incidents prevent work accidents advise on construction materials test safety strategies perform risk analysis determine fire risks educate employees on occupational hazards follow up on safety breaches communicate health and safety measures work ergonomically assessment of risks and threats apply safety measures

Common job titles

  • Site safety supervisor
  • Safety supervisor
  • Safety manager
  • Safety representative
  • Construction inspector, senior - wastewater
  • Safety inspector
  • Project hse inspector
  • Construction inspector
  • Nuclear safety engineer - sd-014
  • Elevator & amusement ride safety inspector