Profession conveyance clerk

Conveyance clerks provide services for the legal transference of legal titles and properties from one party to another. They exchange the necessary contracts and ensure all properties, titles and rights are transfered.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Enterprising
  • Conventional / Investigative
  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Conveyancing

    The legal transfer of property from the owner to the buyer in order to ensure that the buyer knows about the restrictions and rights that come with the land.

  • Legal terminology

    The special terms and phrases used in the field of law.

  • Legal research

    The methods and procedures of research in legal matters, such as the regulations, and different approaches to analyses and source gathering, and the knowledge on how to adapt the research methodology to a specific case to obtain the required information.

  • Property law

    The law and legislation that regulates all the different ways to handle property, such as the types of property, how to handle property disputes and property contract rules.


  • Pose questions referring to documents

    Revise and formulate questions in regards to documents in general. Investigate about the completeness, confidentiality measures, style of the document, and specific instructions to handle documents.

  • Revise legal documents

    Read and interpret legal documents and proofs about happenings in relation with the legal case.

  • Compile legal documents

    Compile and collect legal documents from a specific case in order to aid an investigation or for a court hearing, in a manner compliant with legal regulations and ensuring records are properly maintained.

Optional knowledge and skills

perform office routine activities process commissioned instructions meet with clients for legal services examine mortgage loan documents apply technical communication skills civil law legal case management perform clerical duties manage accounts manage contracts real estate market proofread text

Common job titles

  • General clerk ii (cif)
  • Outbound clerk
  • Shipping and receiving clerk
  • Inventory control specialist/dispatcher
  • Administrative support i
  • Hr administrative assistant
  • Lead warehouse associate
  • Administrative clerk iii - support services (sheriff's office)