Profession cooper

Coopers build barrels and related products made of segments of wood, like wooden buckets. They shape the wood, fit hoops around them, and shape the barrel to hold the product, which contemporarily is usually premium alcoholic beverages.

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Personality Type


  • Wood moisture content

    The amount of water contained in wood materials. The effect of wood moisture on the size and physical characteristics of the wood. Suitable moisture contents for different uses.

  • Manufacture of wooden barrels

    The processes involved in the production of wooden barrels such as material selection, shaping, toasting, fitting, planing and sanding.

  • Wood cuts

    Different ways of cutting wood, across the grain or parallel with it, and radial or tangential to the core. The behaviour of cuts of wood under different circumstances and the optimal cut for a given purpose. Influence of special attributes of the wood, like knots or defects.

  • Woodworking tools

    The various tools used to process wood, such as planers, chisels and lathes.


  • Assemble barrels

    Select the shaped wooden planks, place them inside the working iron hoop and put a loose hoop at the top to hold the planks together.

  • Make barrel heads

    Use a machine to punch holes in the staves, insert dowel pins into the holes, place the staves on a guide and press them together. Place the assembled staves in the rounder to obtain a circular shape. Finally, coat the edges with liquid wax.

  • Clean wood surface

    Use a variety of techniques on a wood surface to ensure it is free of dust, sawdust, grease, stains, and other contaminants.

  • Adjust properties of cut

    Adjust cut sizes and depths of cutting tools. Adjust heights of worktables and machine-arms.

  • Finish barrels

    Pour water into the barrel to let it cool, replace working hoops with permanent iron hoops using manual techniques and machines, drill a hole on the side and plug it. Fix fittings such as taps and valves if required.

  • Char barrels

    Place the barrels in the gas burner where a flame is blasted inside each of them to scorch the interior.

  • Sand wood

    Use sanding machines or hand tools to remove paint or other substances from the surface of the wood, or to smoothen and finish the wood.

  • Bend staves

    Use various techniques to give the wooden planks the desired curve, such as softening the wood in steam tunnels and then replacing the working hoops with stronger hoops.

  • Manipulate wood

    Manipulate the properties, shape and size of wood.

Optional knowledge and skills

airtight storage sharpen edged tools types of containers operate wood sawing equipment check quality of raw materials design objects to be crafted inspect quality of products metalworking tools maintain barrels order supplies operate drilling equipment manipulate metal operate thickness planer machine perform machine maintenance ensure correct goods labelling tend boring machine recognise signs of corrosion answer requests for quotation recognise signs of wood rot store products perform minor repairs to equipment apply wood finishes

Source: Sisyphus ODB