Profession coquille casting worker

Coquille casting workers manufacture castings, including pipes, tubes, hollow profiles and other products of the first processing of steel, by operating hand-controlled equipment in a foundry. They conduct the flow of molten ferrous and non-ferrous metals into coquilles, taking care to create the exact right circumstances to obtain the highest quality metal. They observe the flow of metal to identify faults. In case of a fault, they notify the authorised personnel and participate in the removal of the fault.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Handle metal work orders

    Interpret work orders in order to determine which metal parts should be produced.

  • Insert coquille structures

    Assemble and insert coquille structures using the appropriate hand tools.

  • Move filled coquilles

    Correctly replace filled-up coquilles, understand how to load coquilles into the oven and how to store filled-up coquilles onto a rack.

  • Assemble metal parts

    Align and arrange steel and metal parts in order to assemble complete products; use the appropriate hand tools and gauges.

  • Maintain coquille parts

    Carry out minor repair tasks and maintenance of coquilles and coquille parts.

  • Select coquille types

    Select the appropriate coquille types and coquille sizes.

  • Extract products from coquilles

    Remove finished products from coquilles and examine them in detail for anomalies.

  • Ensure coquille uniformity

    Oversee uniformity of coquilles; use casting equipment and tools such as welding machines.

Optional knowledge and skills

record production data for quality control smooth burred surfaces follow manufacturing work schedule communicate using non-verbal language cut metal products operate metal heating equipment remove finished casts non-ferrous metal processing mark a metal workpiece using punch manage time in casting processes types of metal manufacturing processes ferrous metal processing construct coquilles operate smelter