Profession corrugator operator

Corrugator operators tend a machine which folds a sheet of heavy paper in a wave-like pattern and covers it on both sides to create a lightweight, sturdy material suitable for packaging.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Types of paper

    The different criteria used to determine differences in paper types such as coarseness and thickness, and the different fabrication methods and wood types from which the types of paper stem.

  • Flute sizes

    Flute sizes refer to the number of flutes per linear foot and its thickness. Flutes are the waves and arches on a corrugated box and make up the structure of corrugated paperboard, giving it rigidity and strength.


  • Monitor paper reel

    Overview the jumbo paper reel, which winds the paper at the right tension onto a core.

  • Work safely with machines

    Check and safely operate machines and equipment required for your work according to manuals and instructions.

  • Operate corrugator

    Set up and monitor the machine that corrugates face paperboard to form corrugated paperboard material for containers. The machine runs paper sheets through splices and corrugating rolls, where steam and heat is applied and flutes are formed. Glue is applied and the flute is fused with two lineboards to produce a single corrugated board.

Optional knowledge and skills

keep sheet records pack goods adjust properties of cut mix ink replace filled pallets test edge crush record production data for quality control operate paper folding machine tend metal fastener machine styles of boxes types of boxes inspect quality of products perform machine maintenance maintain recycling records prepare production reports operate die-cut machines operate hoists coordinate shipments of recycling materials printing on large scale machines consult technical resources replace sawing blade on machine keep records of work progress report defective manufacturing materials