Profession crosscut saw operator

Crosscut saw operators use a manual crosscut saw. Crosscut sawing is used for 'felling' and 'bucking' trees, or taking off the limbs to obtain logs. Crosscut sawyers may also work with smaller crosscut saws in a workshop to make manual cuts.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Types of wood

    Types of wood, such as birch, pine, poplar, mahogany, maple and tulipwood.

  • Wood cuts

    Different ways of cutting wood, across the grain or parallel with it, and radial or tangential to the core. The behaviour of cuts of wood under different circumstances and the optimal cut for a given purpose. Influence of special attributes of the wood, like knots or defects.

  • Logging

    The process of felling, cutting trees and transforming them into timber, including mechanical felling and processing.

  • Sawing techniques

    Various sawing techniques for using manual as well as electric saws.


  • Identify hazards in the workplace

    Perform safety audits and inspections on workplaces and workplace equipment. Ensure that they meet safety regulations and identify hazards and risks.

  • Keep sawing equipment in good condition

    Make sure sawing equipment is always in good and safe working condition. Inspect the equipment for defects. Replace defective or worn-out elements in accordance with guidelines. Store elements safely when not in use. Notify the responsible party in case of large or dangerous defects.

  • Sharpen edged tools

    Identify dull edges to sharp tools, or any defect in the edge. Use appropriate equipment to safely and effectively sharpen the tool. Maintain and protect sharpened tools. Report irreparable faults to the appropriate person.

  • Handle saw securely

    Store, carry, and protect the saw, thereby using cases, sheaths, and blade guards.

  • Operate crosscut saw

    Operate a crosscut saw to make manual cuts.

Optional knowledge and skills

first aid clean equipment identify trees to fell types of crosscut saws plan logging operations fell trees woodworking tools climb trees manage logs transfer de-limb trees select tree felling methods monitor logging operations distinguish types of saws inspect trees