Profession demolition worker

Building frame and related trades workers, all others, include steeplejacks, scaffolders and demolition workers.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional

Related professions démolition

  • Crushing, grinding or chemical mixing machine operator
  • Demolition helper


  • Mechanical tools

    Understand machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair, and maintenance.


  • Dispose of non-hazardous waste

    Dispose of waste materials which pose no risk to health and safety in a manner which complies with recycling and waste management procedures.

  • Demolish structures

    Remove a structure in a safe and efficient manner and dispose of the debris in a correct and environmentally responsible manner. Use a variety of tools and methods to demolish the structure.

  • Keep heavy construction equipment in good condition

    Inspect heavy equipment for construction projects before each use. Maintain the machine in good working order, taking care of small repairs and alerting the responsible person in case of serious defects.

  • Recognise the hazards of dangerous goods

    Be aware of the threats posed by potentially dangerous goods such as polluting, toxic, corrosive, or explosive materials.

  • Follow health and safety procedures in construction

    Apply the relevant health and safety procedures in construction in order to prevent accidents, pollution and other risks.

  • Work ergonomically

    Apply ergonomy principles in the organisation of the workplace while manually handling equipment and materials.

  • Use safety equipment in construction

    Use elements of protective clothing such as steel-tipped shoes, and gear such as protective goggles, in order to minimise risk of accidents in construction and to mitigate any injury if an accident does occur.

  • Prevent damage to utility infrastructure

    Consult utility companies or plans on the location of any utility infrastructure that may interfere with a project or be damaged by it. Take the necessary steps to avoid damage.

  • Secure working area

    Secure the operation site fixing boundaries, restricting access, placing signs and taking other measures in order to guarantee public and staff safety.

  • Operate heavy construction machinery without supervision

    Work with heavy construction machinery independently without the intervention of a supervisor. Take responsibility for your decisions and actions.

  • Work in a construction team

    Work as part of a team in a construction project. Communicate efficiently, sharing information with team members and reporting to supervisors. Follow instructions and adapt to changes in a flexible manner.

  • React to events in time-critical environments

    Monitor the situation around you and anticipate. Be ready to take quick and appropriate action in case of unexpected events.

  • Drive mobile heavy construction equipment

    Drive movable heavy equipment used in construction. Load the equipment onto low loaders, or unload it. Judiciously drive equipment on public roads when required.

  • Transport construction supplies

    Bring construction materials, tools and equipment to the construction site and store them properly taking various aspects into account such as the workers' safety and protection from deterioration.

  • Operate jackhammer

    Use a jackhammer, either manually or attached to a mobile piece of heavy equipment, to break up material.

Optional knowledge and skills

keep personal administration set up temporary construction site infrastructure operate laser cutting equipment operate excavator decontamination techniques operate plasma cutting torch guide operation of heavy construction equipment keep records of work progress operate wrecking ball asbestos removal regulations sort waste radiation protection demolish selectively secure heavy construction equipment rig loads follow safety procedures when working at heights excavation techniques operate oxygen cutting torch demolition techniques dispose of hazardous waste

Common job titles

  • General laborer
  • Laborer worker
  • Traffic control flagger
  • Construction laborer
  • Foreman
  • Demolition worker
  • Facilities repair worker
  • General construction worker