Profession doll maker

Doll makers design, create and repair dolls using various materials such as porcelain, wood or plastic. They build moulds of forms and attach parts using adhesives and handtools.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Artistic


  • Toys and games industry

    Types of products available in the games and toys industry and of the major suppliers in the field.

  • Toys and games trends

    Latest developments in the games and toys industry.

  • Toys and games safety recommendations

    Safety instructions of games and toys, according to the materials they are composed of.


  • Fill moulds

    Fill up moulds with appropriate materials and ingredient mixes.

  • Inspect toys and games for damage

    Identify damage and cracks in games and toys in the store; take appropriate actions to remedy.

  • Extract products from moulds

    Remove finished products from moulds and examine them in detail for anomalies.

  • Pack goods

    Pack different kinds of goods such as finished manufactured products or goods in use. Pack goods by hand in boxes, bags and other types of containers.

  • Assemble toys

    Fit body parts and accessories together using different tools and techniques depending on the toy materials such as gluing, welding, screwing or nailing.

  • Design dolls

    Create a model of the doll using creativity and computer skills.

  • Ensure finished product meet requirements

    Ensure that finished products meet or exceed company specifications.

  • Apply a protective layer

    Apply a layer of protective solutions such as permethrine to protect the product from damage such as corrosion, fire or parasites, using a spray gun or paintbrush.

  • Construct moulds

    Construct moulds for the casting of objects in plaster, clay, glass, plastic or metal. Use casting machines and materials such as rubber, plaster or fibreglass.

  • Perform toys finishing

    Put the finishing touches to toys such as painting details, adding embroideries or markings, mounting hair, eyes and teeth.

Optional knowledge and skills

sand wood techniques for doll creation finish plastic products operate plastic machinery manipulate wood 3d printing process types of pottery material use painting techniques stuff toys 3d modelling heat materials textile materials manipulate plastic maintain moulds insert mould structures match product moulds create clay figures sew pieces of fabric manage different pottery materials select mould types types of toy materials create smooth wood surface operate wood sawing equipment join wood elements stain wood create sculptures woodturning materials for doll creation toys and games categories polish clay products