Profession Doorkeeper

Doorkeepers patrol or monitor premises to guard property against theft and vandalism. They control access to establishments and maintain order and enforce regulations at public events and within establishments.

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Personality Type

Tasks doorkeeper

  • Perform basic security activities for the building, e.g. by being a visible presence to passers-by and by checking the premises to guard against vandalism or break-ins.
  • Communicate with patrons or tenants to exchange relevant information, to answer their questions and to become familiar with them.
  • Clean the public parts of the building, e.g. hallways, stairs and landings.
  • Empty or arrange emptying of rubbish bins and other waste containers.
  • Tend the grounds, cut grass and clear snow, ice, leaves and rubbish from driveways, walkways, parking areas and grounds.
  • Lock and unlock doors and entrances at appropriate times, and keep the keys to all doors.
  • Make adjustments and minor repairs to heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical, etc. systems.
  • Perform other routine maintenance jobs and repairs, such as painting, and notify owner of need for major repairs.
  • Order supplies and equipment needed for cleaning and maintenance duties.
  • Distribute mail to patrons or tenants.
  • Check lifts and fire and safety equipment for adequate functioning.
  • May advertise vacancies, show apartments and offices to prospective tenants, and collect rent.

Related professions attendant, guard

  • Air marshal
  • Airport attendant
  • Beach patrolman
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  • Coastguard
  • Fair ground attendant
  • First line supervisor of protective service workers
  • First-aid attendant
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  • Marina attendant
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  • Private detective
  • Public park attendant
  • Security guard
  • Town watchman
  • Traffic attendant (station)
  • Traffic attendant (train, tram, metro, bus)

Source: Sisyphus ODB