Profession drafter

Drafters prepare and create technical drawings using a special software or manual techniques, to show how something is built or works.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional

Related professions drafter

  • Drafters, all other
  • Draughtsperson
  • Electrical or electronics drafter
  • Mechanical drafter


  • CAD software

    The computer-aided design (CAD) software for creating, modifying, analysing or optimising a design.

  • Technical drawings

    Drawing software and the various symbols, perspectives, units of measurement, notation systems, visual styles and page layouts used in technical drawings.

  • Design drawings

    Understand design drawings detailing the design of products, tools, and engineering systems.

  • Mathematics

    Mathematics is the study of topics such as quantity, structure, space, and change. It involves the identification of patterns and formulating new conjectures based on them. Mathematicians strive to prove the truth or falsity of these conjectures. There are many fields of mathematics, some of which are widely used for practical applications.

  • Manual draughting techniques

    Techniques used for creating detailed drawings of designs by using specialised pencils, rulers, templates and scales.


  • Use manual draughting techniques

    Use non-computerised draughting techniques to make detailed drawings of designs by hand with specialised tools such as pencils, rulers and templates.

  • Use technical drawing software

    Create technical designs and technical drawings using specialised software.

  • Use CAD software

    Use computer-aided design (CAD) systems to assist in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimisation of a design.

  • Create technical plans

    Create detailed technical plans of machinery, equipment, tools and other products.

Optional knowledge and skills

cadd software render 3d images use geographic information systems develop assembly instructions types of electronics mechanics of vessels ventilation systems electricity principles unmanned air systems fluid mechanics liaise with engineers use cadd software stealth technology advise client on technical possibilities aesthetics prepare construction documents building codes design circuit boards estimate budget for interior design plans cae software build a product's physical model domestic heating systems cartography consumer electronics refrigerants create cadastral maps customise drafts construction methods multimedia systems advise on construction materials guidance, navigation and control communicate with construction crews common aviation safety regulations coordinate construction activities design transportation systems electronic components archive documentation related to the work draw design sketches control compliance of railway vehicles regulations keep records of work progress manage tender processes create architectural sketches integrate engineering principles in architectural design industrial heating systems execute analytical mathematical calculations printed circuit boards apply technical communication skills heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration parts blueprints advise on architectural matters electrical engineering engineering processes create a product's virtual model design principles electric drives electrical machines design electrical systems design prototypes thermodynamics engineering principles principles of mechanical engineering communicate test results to other departments synthetic natural environment read standard blueprints conduct land surveys design electromechanical systems circuit diagrams electricity ensure vessel compliance with regulations power electronics read engineering drawings electrical wiring diagrams physics product data management operate surveying instruments electromechanics create electrical wiring diagram advise architects topography components of air conditioning systems design microelectronics electronic equipment standards aircraft mechanics estimate cost of building materials electrical equipment regulations prepare assembly drawings draft design specifications mechanical engineering ict software specifications develop a specific interior design 3d modelling civil engineering mechanics interpret electrical diagrams draft bill of materials make architectural mock-ups design hardware plan manufacturing processes ensure material compliance adjust engineering designs maintain mechanical equipment mechanics of trains process customer requests based on the reach regulation 1907 2006 electronics draw blueprints manufacturing processes review drafts model electrical system electric generators industrial engineering defense system apply digital mapping create solutions to problems provide technical documentation provide cost benefit analysis reports zoning codes meet building regulations architecture regulations mechatronics use computer-aided engineering systems construction legal systems prepare building permit applications advise on building matters integrated circuits model electromechanical systems use measurement instruments abide by regulations on banned materials design electronic systems calculate materials mechanics of motor vehicles electric motors check architectural drawings on site material mechanics communicate with customers electrical equipment components train employees design sensors