Profession dry house attendant

Dry house attendants monitor and maintain the drying room, making sure the pyrotechnics are dried and stored within the correct parameters and specifications.

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Personality Type


  • Fire prevention procedures

    The regulations concerning fire and explosion prevention, and the equipment, systems and methods used in it.


  • Store produced pyrotechnics

    Store the produced trays of pyrotechnics sorting them according to the processing date.

  • Control pyrotechnics stock

    Control the stock of pyrotechnics, issuing them to workers and checking out the expiration period of the stock in order to remove the already expired pyrotechnics and place them into special metal containers from where they are further processed.

  • Control temperature

    Measure and adjust temperature of a given space or object.

  • Oversee stock quality control

    Check overall product quality prior to shipment.

  • Tend pyrotechnics drying room

    Tend the pyrotechnics drying room ensuring the processes of curing, drying and storage are according to specifications.

Optional knowledge and skills

mechanics maintain equipment use chemical analysis equipment hazardous waste storage explosives pyrotechnic articles legislation

Source: Sisyphus ODB