Profession electroplating machine operator

Electroplating machine operators set up and tend electroplating machines designed to finish and coat the metal workpieces' (such as future pennies and jewelry) surface by using electric current to dissolve metal cations and to bond a thin layer of another metal, such as zinc, copper or silver, to produce a coherent metal coating to the workpiece's surface.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Health and safety in the workplace

    The body of rules, procdeures and regulations related to safety, health and welfare of people in their workplace. 

  • Electroplating processes

    The various metalworking processes using electric current to form metal coating on an electrode and on the workpiece, such as pulse electroplating, pulse electrodeposition, brush electroplating, and others.

  • Electroplating machine parts

    The various parts of a metalworking machine using electroplating processes to provide coating to workpieces, such as the plating barrel, plating line, borehole, battery charger, and others.

  • Electroplating metal materials

    The various processes various materials used for electroplating may produce, such as copper plating, silver plating, nickle plating, gold plating, embossed gold plating, degreasing, and others.

  • Electric current

    Flow of electric charge, carried by electrons or ions in a medium such as an electrolyte or a plasma.


  • Tend electroplating machine

    Tend a metalworking machine designed to coat metal surfaces by using electric current to form metal coatings on an electrode and on the workpiece, monitor and operate it according to regulations.

  • Monitor electroplating baths

    Control the temperature and changing composition of the solution composed of different chemical components and used to cover a surface with a thin layer of metal.

Optional knowledge and skills

facilitate coated workpieces to dry set up the controller of a machine non-ferrous metal processing clean industrial containers maintain mechanical equipment spot metal imperfections manufacturing of door furniture from metal coining manufacturing of weapons and ammunition ferrous metal processing inspect quality of products provide advice to technicians manufacturing of metal assembly products manufacturing of steam generators perform test run galvanise metal workpiece manufacturing of metal household articles dispose of hazardous waste electrical discharge monitor coating specifications apply preliminary treatment to workpieces consult technical resources monitor gauge metal coating technologies apply electrolytes to cathodes and anodes manufacturing of cutlery chemistry keep records of work progress characteristics of precious metals types of metal manufacturing processes electricity