Profession enameller

Enamellers press, cut, trim, grind, polish and shape molten glass according to patterns.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional

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  • Health and safety in the workplace

    The body of rules, procdeures and regulations related to safety, health and welfare of people in their workplace. 

  • Metal smoothing technologies

    The various technologies used for the smoothening, polishing and buffing of fabricated metal workpieces.

  • Metal coating technologies

    The various processes and technologies used for to coating and painting fabricated metal workpieces.

  • Coating substances

    Have knowledge of various types of coating, providing a workpiece with one or more finishing layers of resins, sugars, powders, inactive and insoluable fillers, waxes, gums, plasticisers, colouring materials, lacquer, and others.


  • Fire the surface

    Use stainless steel mesh and place the painted piece in the kiln, oven or furnace in order to melt the colour and let it flow.

  • Operate metal polishing equipment

    Operate equipment designed to buff and polish metal workpieces, such as diamond solutions, silicon-made polishing pads, or working wheels with a leather polishing strop, and others.

  • Ensure equipment availability

    Ensure that the necessary equipment is provided, ready and available for use before start of procedures.

  • Detect product defects

    Report in case the product arrives with a defect from previous processes. Understand the type of defect and send it to the right person.

  • Perform enamelling

    Paint and apply enamel paint on the prepared surface using brushes with soft bristles. Make sure to use separate brushes and containers for different colours.

  • Prepare surface for enamelling

    Remove any grease, oil grime or dust from the surface and make the enamelling area of even thickness in order to achieve even colour distribution while firing.

  • Check quality of enamel

    Use a needle to check the enamel. In case it is chipped or cracked, remove the enamel and repeat the entire enamel process.

  • Prepare the enamel

    Create the enamel by crushing enamel lumps and grind into powder using mortar and pestel. Use the required quantities and colours and make sure there aren't any impurities.

Optional knowledge and skills

clean jewellery pieces jewellery processes create jewellery attend to detail regarding jewellery creation trade in jewellery keep records of work progress ensure conformance to jewel design specifications identify customer's needs company policies think creatively about jewellery work ergonomically watches and jewellery products use jewellery equipment characteristics of precious metals develop jewellery designs trends in fashion jewellery product categories use color matching techniques smoothen rough jewel parts