Profession Engineering maintenance supervisor

Engineering maintenance supervisor

First line supervisors, mechanics, installers or repairers supervise, coordinate and participate in the activities of mechanics, installers, and repairers.

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Tasks engineering maintenance supervisor

  • Determine necessary installations, services and repairs, e.g. by analyzing relevant information and examining objects, systems and facilities.
  • Determine schedules, sequences and assignments for work activities.
  • Give instructions to workers, e.g. work specifications, blueprints or job orders.
  • Monitor and control work areas, tools and equipment.
  • Monitor and review employees' work performance.
  • Participate in the work activities of mechanics, installers or repairers.
  • Compute estimates and actual costs, for instance of materials, labor and outside contractors.
  • Participate in budget preparation and administration, e.g. by monitoring departmental expenditure and coordinating purchasing.
  • Advise employees on work-related issues.
  • Conduct or arrange training in job-related skills for workers.

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