Profession extra

Extras perform actions in the background or in crowds during filming. They do not contribute to the plot directly but they are important to create a certain atmosphere.

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Personality Type

  • Conventional / Realistic


  • Perform for multiple takes

    Perform the same scene several times in a row independently from the plot until the shot is deemed satisfactory.

  • Act reliably

    Proceed in a way that one can be relied on or depended on.

  • Follow directions of the artistic director

    Follow the instructions of the director while understanding his creative vision.

  • Express yourself physically

    Express emotions and ideas through movements, gestures, and actions.

  • Harmonise body movements

    Harmonise body movements in accordance to rhythm and melody, aestetic or dramatic concept, dramatic pace, etc.

  • Act discreetly

    Be discreet and don't draw attention.

Optional knowledge and skills

practice martial arts practice dance moves lighting techniques adapt to different roles acting techniques work with the lighting crew work with the director of photography photography analyse a script ride horses work with the camera crew exercise sports sing dance ensure cooperation among production, costume department and make-up department rehearse role practise singing use firearms