Profession factory hand

Factory hands assist machine operators and product assemblers. They clean the machines and the working areas. Factory hands make sure supplies and materials are replenished.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Industrial tools

    The tools and equipment used for industrial purposes, both power and hand tools, and their various uses.

  • Cleaning techniques

    Various techniques and tools used to clean different types of surfaces to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness such as sweeping, vacuuming, degreasing and wet cleaning.

  • Cleaning products

    The ingredients used in the development of cleaning products, their properties and risks.


  • Maintain work area cleanliness

    Keep the working area and equipment clean and orderly.

  • Wear appropriate protective gear

    Wear relevant and necessary protective gear, such as protective goggles or other eye protection, hard hats, safety gloves.

  • Clean surfaces

    Disinfect surfaces in accordance with sanitary standards.

  • Supply machine with appropriate tools

    Supply the machine with the necessary tools and items for a particular production purpose.

  • Clean building floors

    Clean the floors and stairways of buildings by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping them, according to hygienic and organisational standards.

  • Clean equipment

    Perform cleaning routines after equipment use.

  • Supply machine

    Ensure the machine is fed the necessary and adequate materials and control the placement or automatic feed and retrieval of work pieces in the machines or machine tools on the production line.

Optional knowledge and skills

use power tools lift heavy weights quality standards operate industrial equipment operate grease gun work safely with machines pack goods operate floor cleaning equipment maintain machinery troubleshoot manage delivery of raw materials store goods align components

Common job titles

  • Production operator
  • Scheduler / office coordinator
  • Assembly production
  • Hand cast parts molder
  • Start up -- director of awesome
  • Ll17-195 kitchen prep 1st shift
  • Material handler a
  • Production worker
  • General labor worker