Profession fermenter operator

Fermenter operators control and maintain the equipment and tanks for the production of active and functional ingredients for pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics or vitamins. They also work in the production of cosmetics or personal care products.

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Personality Type


  • Production scale fermentation

    Large-scale fermentation used for ethanol production which is further used in productions such as food, pharmaceuticals, alcohol or gasoline production.

  • Good manufacturing practices

    Regulatory requirements and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) applied in the relevant manufacturing sector.

  • Lab scale fermentation

    The steps and requirements included in lab scale fermentation for the conversion of the biomass into chemicals, sugars or fuels.


  • Monitor fermentation

    Supervise and control fermentation. Monitor the settling of juice and the fermentation of raw material. Control the progress of the fermentation process to meet specifications. Measure, test and interpret fermentation process and quality data according to specification.

  • Ensure compliance with safety legislation

    Implement safety programmes to comply with national laws and legislation. Ensure that equipment and processes are compliant with safety regulations.

  • Measure density of liquids

    Measuring the density of liquids, including oils, using instruments such as hygrometers, or oscillating tubes.

  • Adhere to standard procedures

    Adhere to and follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

  • Adjust fermentation processes

    Perform the scaling-up or scaling-down of the fermentation processes according to the situation.

  • Write batch record documentation

    Write reports on the manufactured batches history taking into account the raw data, tests performed and compliance to GMP of each batch of product.

  • Monitor environmental parameters

    Check the impact of manufacturing machinery on the environment, analysing temperature levels, water quality and air pollution.

  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation

    Monitor activities and perform tasks ensuring compliance with standards involving environmental protection and sustainability, and amend activities in the case of changes in environmental legislation. Ensure that the processes are compliant with environment regulations and best practices.

  • Manage bioreactors

    Manage the bioreactors used in the fermentation process and cell culture, by setting them up, operate them and perform minor maintenance operations.

Optional knowledge and skills

fermentation processes of beverages keep inventory of goods in production fermentation processes of food pathogenic microorganisms detect microorganisms biotechnology

Source: Sisyphus ODB