Profession fertiliser mixer

Fertiliser mixers operate and maintain machines that mix chemical ingredients in order to produce fertilisers, making sure the end product is according to specifications.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Pollution legislation

    Be familiar with European and National legislation regarding the risk of pollution.


  • Feed fertilizer mixer

    Feed the fertiliser mixer with dry materials from the storage hopper by pulling the lever.

  • Dump batches

    Dump the batches into conveyors making sure the specifications such as the mixing time are followed.

  • Monitor valves

    Monitor and accordingly adjust the valves in order to allow a specific amount of liquids (such as ammonia sulfuric acid or viscous soap) or steam into the mixer or machine.

  • Tend fertiliser mixer

    Tend the machines that mix chemicals such as nitrogen or phosphate in order to produce fertilizers.

Optional knowledge and skills

natural fertilisers synthetic fertilisers package purchases in bags manage delivery of raw materials advise on nitrate pollution deliver fertiliser fertiliser catalysts clean mixer monitor powdered ingredients