Profession firework assembler

Firework assemblers create explosive devices, coloured lights and set pieces for use as fireworks. They follow blueprints or pictures, fabricate various powders, put powder into casings or tubes, assemble all parts and inspects the final product.

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Personality Type


  • Health and safety in the workplace

    The body of rules, procdeures and regulations related to safety, health and welfare of people in their workplace. 

  • Pyrotechnic articles legislation

    The legal rules surrounding pyrotechnics and pyrotechnic materials.


  • Obtain pyrotechnic permits

    Obtain the appropriate administrative permits and licences for use and transport of pyrotechnics and weapons.

  • Operate pyrotechnical control

    Take the necessary steps to operate pyrotechnical effects during a performance.

  • Store pyrotechnical materials

    Safely store materials used for pyrotechnical stage effects.

  • Build pyrotechnical devices

    Build devices needed for the pyrotechnical effects in a performance.

  • Set up pyrotechnical equipment

    Make sure the pyrotechnic equipment for a performance is set up and ready for operation.

Optional knowledge and skills

handle dangerous goods mix treating materials handling of dangerous goods adapt artistic plan to location explosives plan pyrotechnical effects work safely with pyrotechnical materials in a performance environment monitor powdered ingredients read standard blueprints appropriate packaging of dangerous goods test pyrotechnical effects identify customer's needs

Source: Sisyphus ODB