Profession foam rubber mixer

Foam rubber mixers tend the machine that mixes foam rubber particles with liquid latex. They weigh the right amount of ingredients and pour mixtures into moulds to make cushions and matresses.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Process latex mixtures

    Process latex mixtures using control panels in order to obtain rubber products such as foam rubber sheets, balloons or finger cots.

  • Mix ingredients with latex

    Mix the specified compounds together with latex by using the agitators.

  • Adjust scraper bars

    Adjust the dimensions of the scraper bars, using the belt conveyor, so that they are according to the specified rubber sheeting parameters.

  • Match product moulds

    Changing moulds to match product specification. Run test samples and check for proper specifications.

  • Check cured rubber

    Check the dimensions of cured rubber using the rule.

  • Adjust curing ovens

    Adjust the temperature of the curing ovens by turning dials so that it is set to the correct parameters.

  • Analyse latex samples

    Analyse the already weighted samples of latex in order to check if the specified parameters, such as density, are according to the formula.

Optional knowledge and skills

manufacturing of daily use goods hydraulics chemistry manufacturing of sports equipment manufacturing of mattresses types of storage facilities operate grinding hand tools think analytically store goods mechanics