Profession footwear production machine operator

Footwear production machine operators tend specific machines in the industrial production of footwear. They operate machinery for lasting, cutting, closing, and finishing footwear products. They also perform routine maintenance of the machinery.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional


  • Footwear machinery

    Tthe functionality of the wide range of machines, and the basic rules of regular maintenance.

  • Footwear materials

    The characteristics, components, advantages and limitations of a wide range of materials used in footwear production: leather, leather substitutes (synthetics or artificial materials), textile, plastic, rubber etc. 

  • Footwear equipments

    Functionality of the wide range of equipments and the basic rules of regular maintenance.

  • Ergonomics in footwear and leather goods design

    The principles used in the design of various styles of footwear and leather goods for the correct anatomic and ergonomic proportions and measurements.

  • Footwear quality

    Quality specifications of materials, processes and final products, the most common defects in footwear, quick tests procedures, laboratory tests procedures and standards, adequate equipment for quality checks. Quality assurance of footwear production processes and fundamental concepts on quality including footwear quality framework and standards.

  • Footwear components

    Footwear components both for uppers (vamps, quarters, linings, stiffeners, toe puffs etc.) and bottoms (soles, heels, insoles etc.). Ecological concerns and the importance of recycling. Selection of suitable materials and components based on their influence on the footwear style and characteristics, properties and manufacturability. Procedures and methods in chemical and mechanical processing of leather and non-leather materials.

  • Footwear creation process

    Footwear creation projects starting from inspiration to technical design and manufacturing by following several stages. Latest trends in footwear materials, components, processes, and concepts.


  • Work in textile manufacturing teams

    Work harmoniously with colleagues in teams in the textile and clothing manufacturing industries.

  • Prepare footwear samples

    Create, test and verify prototypes or samples of footwear against a predefined set of criteria throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. Revise the initial design concepts and implement technical improvements.

  • Follow work procedures

    Adhere to procedures at work in a structured and systematic manner.

  • Ensure equipment maintenance

    Ensure that the equipment required for operations is regularly checked for faults, that routine maintenance tasks are performed, and that repairs are scheduled and performed in the case of damage or flaws.

Optional knowledge and skills

assembling processes and techniques for goodyear footwear construction cad for footwear footwear uppers pre-assembly footwear industry pre-stitching processes and techniques for footwear and leather goods operate automatic cutting systems for footwear and leather goods apply machine cutting techniques for footwear and leather goods apply assembling techniques for cemented footwear construction footwear finishing techniques assembling processes and techniques for cemented footwear construction apply footwear bottoms pre-assembling techniques apply footwear and leather goods quality control techniques apply pre-stitching techniques apply footwear finishing techniques maintain footwear assembling equipment assembling processes and techniques for california footwear construction apply basic rules of maintenance to leather goods and footwear machinery footwear bottoms pre-assembly footwear stitching techniques apply methods for footwear and leather goods manufacturing apply stitching techniques clothing and footwear products footwear manufacturing technology automatic cutting systems for footwear and leather goods

Common job titles

  • Production machine operator (broach)
  • Machine operator
  • Extruder operator
  • Solventless adhesive laminator operator
  • Operator, production
  • Production machine operat
  • Threadroll operator
  • 3rd shift maintenance mechanic
  • Forklift/pallet jack operator