Profession frame maker

Frame makers build frames, mostly out of wood, for pictures and mirrors. They discuss the specifications with customers and build or adjust the frame accordingly. They cut, shape and join the wooden elements and treat them to obtain the desired colour and protect them from corrosion and fire. They cut and fit the glass into the frame. In some cases, they carve and decorate the frames. They may also repair, restore or reproduce older or antique frames.

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Personality Type

  • Realistic / Conventional
  • Realistic / Artistic
  • Realistic / Investigative


  • Organic building materials

    The types and processing of organic materials to build products or parts of products.

  • Types of wood

    Types of wood, such as birch, pine, poplar, mahogany, maple and tulipwood.


  • Cut glass

    Use glass cutting tools or diamond blades to cut pieces out of glass plates, including mirrors.

  • Manipulate wood

    Manipulate the properties, shape and size of wood.

  • Manipulate glass

    Manipulate the properties, shape and size of glass.

  • Apply wood finishes

    Use a variety of techniques to finish wood. Paint, varnish and stain wood to improve its function, durability, or appearance.

  • Match frames to pictures

    Choose the appropriate frame to suit the picture taking different aspects into account such as style and colour.

  • Operate wood sawing equipment

    Operate various machinery and equipment to cut wood in different sizes and shapes.

  • Create smooth wood surface

    Shave, plane and sand wood manually or automatically to produce a smooth surface.

  • Sand wood

    Use sanding machines or hand tools to remove paint or other substances from the surface of the wood, or to smoothen and finish the wood.

  • Create wood joints

    Use the proper tools and processes to create the joints where multiple pieces of wood fit together.

  • Build picture frames

    Build the rigid structure, most working with wood, that encloses pictures and mirrors or holds canvasses for painting.

  • Apply a protective layer

    Apply a layer of protective solutions such as permethrine to protect the product from damage such as corrosion, fire or parasites, using a spray gun or paintbrush.

Optional knowledge and skills

technical drawings maintain furniture machinery prepare furniture for application of paint apply restoration techniques artificially age furniture clean furniture manipulate metal evaluate restoration procedures pass on trade techniques estimate restoration costs decorate furniture sell furniture repair furniture machinery set up the controller of a machine paint decorative designs handle delivery of furniture goods carve materials fix minor scratches sell household goods operate furniture machinery remove paint

Common job titles

  • Records clerk
  • Trading analyst
  • Ops human services worker i
  • J.p. morgan chase institute markets research analyst
  • Business analytics specialist
  • Pre-press operator 1481
  • Court operations specialist (i, ii, sr.)
  • Director of design and research, x
  • Eyewear optical frame maker
  • Jp morgan chase institute - outreach & engagement manager