Profession game keeper

Game keepers manage the habitat and wild game population in a defined area. 

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Personality Type


  • Animal welfare legislation

    The legal boundaries, codes of professional conduct, national and EU regulatory frameworks and legal procedures of working with animals and living organisms, ensuring their welfare and health.

  • Understand game species

    Understan biology and ecology of relevant game specieis including game birds, deer, and fisheries.

  • Wild game meat food safety

    Understand food safety management procudures and national requirements for wild game meat.


  • Remove predators

    Control predators such as foxes, crows and rats by shooting and trapping.

  • Manage game management plans

    Develop, manage and monitor a game management plan to ensure that there is enough game such as deer, pheasant, partridge and grouse.

  • Maintain game equipment

    Repair game equipment, buildings and game pens. Clean guns after use.

  • Rear game

    Rear and care for juvenile game in accordance with a game production plan.

  • Control the production of game meat for human consumption

    Support the hygienic handling of dead game. Inspect game carcasses to make sure it is suitable for consumption. Ensure game meat is handled, stored and dispatched hygienically and according to legal requirements.

  • Manage habitats to benefit game

    Develop and apply a habitat management plan.

  • Organise game shoots

    Plan and organise shoots and fishing parties.

  • Protect game

    Prevent unlicensed hunting by patrolling the area at night.

  • Manage animal hygiene

    Plan and use appropriate hygiene measures to prevent transmission of diseases and ensure an effective overall hygiene. Maintain and follow hygiene procedures and regulations when working with animals, communicate site hygiene controls and protocols to others. Manage the safe disposal of waste according to destination and local regulations.

Optional knowledge and skills

hire beaters manage chemical testing procedures coordinate the sale of game train gun dogs develop game management plans manage rivers and streams clear woodland

Source: Sisyphus ODB